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What Audience Members have written:

"My oh my, what an amazing afternoon, I was deeply touched to the core of my being. My own history came tumbling back...Charming, delicate,respectful, artful...deeply affecting."             J. McFadyen, Hamilton

"Uplifting, soul filling...exquisite theatre."      

                                                      J. Koengen, Ottawa

"I have never, in my LIFE, been so moved in the theatre. She brought him back! She brought Pierre Trudeau back."                                                          E. Reid, Montreal

"This is rare, special art."             P. Ketchison, Cobourg

"What a riveting performance. We were totally enthralled and felt that time had simply flown past. What a treat to see such fine acting and beautifully crafted stage-work. The writing was sublime. We would go see it again and again."          W & J Ryan, Port Hope

Former Ontario Premier, the Hon. David Peterson, speaks about a performance at Theatre Orangeville, in 2018.

The Hon. David Peterson, former Premier of Ontario, saw the play at Theatre Orangeville, in 2018.

"My wife convinced me to go out tonight to see this play. 

it made us laugh, it made us cry...it was a fantastic, special, emotional evening."                                          J.W, Ottawa

"Beautiful, simple, exquisite, illuminating, magnificent. This is great theatre happening."                                                  J.L Toronto

"Absolutely brilliant performance. Heartfelt and dynamic."                                               T.K. Ottawa

"How remarkable these stories were to me. So well formed and beautifully told. I have been so blown away."                                                     M. Good, Gananoque

"An unequalled opportunity to glimpse the person inside of a very public figure, a very prominent figure in Canadians' minds. An unexpected trigger for reminiscence and reflection as told from a most unique perspective."                   C. Shaw, Victoria by the Sea, PEI

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